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The Law Firm EurAmbrosiano is an independent Italian law firm, specializing in civil, commercial, employment and administrative law, with solid international connections.

Our firm combines the expertise and experience of the lawyers Rocco Noviello, Vincenzo Sangalli and Maria Cristina Bruni,  who share the same vision of the profession and a long collaboration.

Our lawyers advise both businesses and private clients, including Italian and foreign companies, from small and medium businesses to large groups, in the industrial, commercial and service sectors, in the world of associations, transport, insurance, insurance brokerage, airport management, subways, local authorities, hospitals and health structures, banking and financial institutions.

Our Law Firm provides its clients with a wide range of legal services in the Italian and international legislation, collaborating with international studies for its activities abroad.

We offer a client-focused approach based on cooperation, synergy and a global vision.

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