Mr. Noviello was a speaker at the workshop “LAW 24/2017 (GELLI-BIANCO LAW) – Reflections two years after the law came into force“.

The Gelli-Bianco law n.24/2017 innovated legislation governing the liability of doctors. The law has important operational implications for the management of risk and disputes relating to malpractice, both in routine hospital operations and in the context of the judicial process.

This event -17 October 2019, Istituto Auxologico,  Milan- brought together some of the major players in the health care field and explored in some depth the topics of greatest practical interest. Mr Noviello illustrated the issues and disputes related to the topic of medical liability and insurance.

Speakers at the workshop:

  • Mr. Rocco Noviello, partner of the law firm Eurambrosiano,
  • Mr Maurizio Hazan, partner at the law firm Taurini & Hazan,
  • Mr Lorenzo Polo, Legal Doctor,
  • Mr Michele Dufour, Legal Doctor.


  • Mr Luca Franzi, President of AIBA and Vice President of AON SpA,
  • Mrs Simonetta Palazzi, Head of istituto Auxologico Italiano Legal Department.