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No retroactivity of Gelli Bianco law

The Civil Cassation sanctions no-retroactivity of Gelli Bianco law and clarifies some controversial aspects of health liability. The so-called San Martino judgments go to examine different aspects of litigation in the medical sector. In particular: n. 28985/19: informed consent n. 28986/19: criteria for determining differential damage n. 28987/19: criteria for distribution of damage between [...]

Gelli-Bianco law, the evolution of medical liability

Mr. Noviello was a speaker at the workshop "LAW 24/2017 (GELLI-BIANCO LAW) - Reflections two years after the law came into force". The Gelli-Bianco law n.24/2017 innovated legislation governing the liability of doctors. The law has important operational implications for the management of risk and disputes relating to malpractice, both in routine hospital operations [...]

Health liability two years after Gelli-Bianco law came into force

Mr. Andrea Bonifacio spoke about health liability at the conference "Perspectives and operational issues of health responsibility two years after Gelli-Bianco law came into force"  held  on May 22, 2019 in Lodi. Mr.Bonifacio illustrated the latest developments regarding the conditions of admissibility of compensation actions for medical malpractice.

Professional liability and Gelli law

20.11.2018 Mr. Andrea Bonifacio was a speaker at the workshop "Civil and criminal liability of healthcare practitioners" held by Istituto Auxologico Italiano. He presented the latest case-law and doctrinal updates. The meeting, in the presence of a wide range of medical and paramedical staff, identified  the elements that distinguish criminal and civil liability in [...]

The future of D&O; the D&O of the future – AXA XL Workshop 25 October, Milan

25.10.2018 Mr. Noviello was a speaker  at the meeting “The future of D&O; the D&O of the future”. He discussed with members of the Italian Brokers Association (AIBA) and the National Association of Risk Managers and Business Insurance Managers (ANRA) some issues related to D&O coverage (" Directors & Officers Liability ") for public entities [...]

Gelli Law, practical considerations in the shadow of implementing decrees

13.10.2017 Mr. Rocco Noviello was a speaker at the meeting "Law 24/2017 (Law Gelli): practical considerations in the shadow of implementing decrees" on October 13, 2017, at Istituto Auxologico Italiano headquarters in Via San Luca 13 Milano. The conference wanted to explore further the implementation of Law 24/2017 "Provisions on safety of treatments and of assisted [...]

Medical devices, in-depth analysis

23.09.2014 Mr. Noviello attended the meeting “Clinical evaluation of medical devices” and gave a talk on “Civil and criminal liability for the clinical evaluation of medical devices: how protect themselves”. Mr. Noviello explained in more detail the following points: brief notes on the concept of criminal responsibility and how protect themselves when the crime [...]

Birth injuries liability

20.02.2014 Birth injuries, birth of malformed child: we publish three important judgments of the Civil Cassation relating to medical and paramedical liability in  the cases of: assisting childbirth damage suffered by the child as a result of negligent and imprudent conduct of the staff at birth and then when assisting the newborn unwanted birth [...]

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