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Employment and social security law

Our lawyers are experts in employment, social security and trade union law,  dealing with litigation and legal advice. They follow and assist clients and operators in:

  • private employment,
  • public employment,
  • managerial work,
  • corporate directives and employee discipline,
  • self-employment,
  • temporary employment,
  • agency employment,
  • social security,
  • redundancy procedures,
  • matters concerning company crises,
  • insolvency and bankruptcy proceedings,
  • data protection (GDPR),
  • job security,
  • accidents at work,
  • protection of maternity rights.

They deal with contractual matters such as company regulations, second-level contracts and personnel regulations, as well as relations between social parties and litigation.

Our lawyers advise operators on application of Legislative Decree 231/2001 and on implementation of organizational management models (MOG).

Our law firm works together with trusted lawyers specialising in criminal law if necessary.

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