Litigation, arbitration and ADR

Our Law firm has extensive experience in civil, commercial and administrative litigation, before the judicial authority as well as in arbitration.

Our lawyers cover every phase of the dispute, assisting in judgements before each jurisdiction:

  • Tribunale (Court)
  • Corte d’Appello (Court of Appeal)
  • Corte di Cassazione
  • Giudice di Pace
  • Corte dei Conti
  • Corte costituzionale
  • European Court of Human Rights
  • European Court of Justice
  • TAR
  • Consiglio di Stato
  • Tax Commission
  • Tribunali delle Acque Pubbliche.

They pursue and conduct alternative dispute resolutions (ADR); follow mediations and assisted negotiations.

Our lawyers act as arbitrators and sit on Arbitration Panels of both private and National and International Chamber of Arbitrators in Milan.

They deal with questions relating to the provisions of the independent administrative authorities (ANAC, AGCM, ARERA,..),  of Banca d’Italia and any related proceedings.

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